Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Joining the Stashbustin' challenge

So, I've decided to join Zoe's Stashbustin' challenge. I've been considering this for a little while because I've noticed lately that my sewing output has slowed but my fabric input has not. As such, I think it's time for a bit of de-stashing. I know I have some really nice fabrics (and some not so nice ones) and I want to turn them into items I will love instead of pieces of fabric I love but am too afraid to use. I have found in other hobbies I've dabbled in that if something is "special" I don't want to use it and then I reach a point when it is no longer as special to me and I use it but since I no longer love the raw material I don't love the end product (in this case garment) as much as I could have, had I made it earlier.

I also helped my mum clean out her stash of fabrics that would go back to the 70s and 80s. Some were not so nice and we were happy to send to a new home but there were a few very nice pieces that are now out of style but I'm sure would have been awesome at the time. The more we sorted, the more I thought "I don't want this to be me in 10-20-30 years time" and I decided there and then to sign up for this challenge!

I haven't decided the exact rules just yet but I know that I will need to continue to purchase notions (zips, thread, buttons etc...), along with interfacing, lining etc... So it's not a total ban but a partial one.

I also know that there will be times when I want to buy something, so I'm considering a rule similar to another participant: for every 3 garments sewn I can purchase fabric for 1 garment. I might alter this as I go - to 5 garments = 1 new fabric, maybe ... we'll see.

So that is where I'm up to and it also aligns with the theme I have chosen for my mini SWAP:

Beautiful Work Basics from my stash!

So far I have the following list but I will devote a post to this with photos of the chosen fabric and the patterns too:

  1. Work pants, in a pinstripe fabric.
  2. Work pants, in a plain fabric (black or grey).
  3. Simplicity 2594, with a fabric very similar to the check fabric on the pattern cover.
  4. A shift dress (I joined the Butterick 5147 Dress Sew Along, so I think this is the pattern I will use)
  5. Light jacket for spring/early summer (maybe my Lady Grey will fit here or a Trench Coat, although I don't have any trench coat fabric)
  6. A french inspired black and white striped top. I have a RTW with fine stripes but I think thicker ones will be nicer. I have a piece of fabric in mind for this one.

I've also decided to join the Summer Essentials Sew-Along. I know it's technically over but it's getting into warmer weather now and I know that I need some new items. This will just help me hone my creativity into useful pieces.

  1. McCalls 5591 in a cotton sateen with pink flowers
  2. Self-drafted skirt from my RTW summer favourite from last year in a lovely soft cotton print
  3. 3/4 pants or capris, I'm thinking in a black sateen, if I can find any (yes, I'd need to but some fabric for this one)
  4. A carry all bag, probably the Nicole Mallalieu Beach Bag or maybe the Day Bag
  5. Maybe bathers or a summer dress? Not sure yet.

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  1. that's a very good idea! I have had to ban myself from buying new fabric...because the pile is getting bigger and bigger! Good luck in your challenge and all the best with Blogtoberfest!