Thursday, July 2, 2015

Building a complete me-made wardrobe: Detailed list of the Corporate Wardrobe items (Part 3)

After I completed Part 2 of my wardrobe building research, I started to put together a more detailed list of the items in the Constant Professional wardrobe. This was predominately based the Art of Manliness site, which goes into details of what each category should contain. This to me is a fantastic starting point for the 'ultimate' wardrobe, although it still lacks femininity. Even through I have added skirts into some sections, there is still no place for dresses (other than a formal ballgown) and so this is a gap that I still think needs to be addressed when I work out my complete list of wardrobe items and inevitable sewing list. That being said, I am not a bit skirt and dress wearer, so this may end up being appropriate, although I would still like to explore this further.

The table is best viewed by clicking it for a larger view.

I think that a visual representation is by far the best way to see how the pieces work together cohesively (or not) and also to try to identify any gaps that may exist. When creating these sets in Polyvore, I used colours that I love and feel that will work with my daily life. The core colours can certainly be swapped out to create a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle or colour preferences.
See my sets for the constant professional wardrobe on Polyvore {1 & 2}

I also found a number of wardrobe suggestions on Forbes, which reflect some slight differences that are worth considering.