Sunday, July 18, 2010

Simplicity 2860 - Amazing Fit? Yes please!

I've made up the Simplicity 2860 pants a few times with varied success but I still love the pattern. I find that the fabric I've used has varied a lot and would explain the different results. I still love these because they are like a block pattern for me and I hope to make them in a wool suiting fabric for work but that's a little while away I think.

I first made a black calico toile and did some minor alterations, including removing some of the bagging just below the derrière. Basically you take a long thin triangle out of the back pattern piece so that the leg pivots every so slightly. It's such a small change but made a big different to my fit. If I can find some photos online to show it I will add them here otherwise I can write a post if anyone's interested.

Grey pants

I've tried this in stretch fabrics but ones with a lot of stretch need to be taken in by a lot (one pair was 2 whole sizes!) but fabric with just a little or no stretch works nicely. The pictures in this post are for a grey pair with a little stretch but not much (from Darn Cheap Fabrics, ~$3.99/m).

The pattern calls for the edge of the waist band that is still visible on the inside to be covered with a bias tape which looks great but I didn't both for this pair. I will try to take photos of a pair that have this, that I'm working on now.

Last but not least, I blind hem the bottoms. I love the way this looks on pants - it's such a crisp and professional finish!

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