Monday, June 21, 2010

Scrapbooking Retreat!

So, it's been another 2 weeks (where does time go?!) and I'm mostly moved back home but am considering spending a couple of weeks living in Collingwood with my brother. So, I may be moving ... again...I just hope it doesn't mean carting projects back and forth because it drove me a little crazy!

I just spent a fantastic 2 days with a group of over 50 avid scrapbookers at the Scraptacular Retreat. We started the weekend with dinner on Friday night, followed by scrapping ALL weekend (meaning all hours of the night and day, only stopping to eat and occasionally sleep!). It was my second retreat and was even better than last year. It was a wonderful weekend and I'm always blown away by the talent and generosity of these women! I will post some photos of what I worked on but it was a whole lotta cards and also some layouts.

I've finished the beanie and scarf I mentioned in an earlier post and will post some photos of those two. The beanie didn't work out as expected but that's ok - hopefully Beanie #2 will be better. Photos to come soon!

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