Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sewing and Knitting project update

I can't believe it has, but it has ... Unfortunately for me and my sewing machine, the last week or so have been pretty busy and have included me going down with a cold but I'm starting to feel a bit normal again and hopefully that means more sewing or knitting time for me!

I'm mid-way through a number of projects and want to get some photos up soon but so you know what I'm working on:
Simplicity 2860
* A pair of pin stripe pants using this pattern. I love this pattern and have made it once before (in a woven stretch fabric with woven pin stripes which are not obvious. Whilst these turned out ok, whilst making them they stretched out by about 2 sizes, which I took in but they also stretched up and are still high waisted!) My latest pair are non-stretch so fingers crossed they work ok.
* I'm also planning a grey pair and a pair in stretch pin stripe but that's not yet cut out!

Patons Learn To Knit
Patons Learn to Knit

I bought this book about a year ago and used it whilst I was learning to knit properly (I knew the basic knit stitch but that's it). Along with help from my mum, this has been a really valuable resource when I was learning.

After completing some basic scarves, I'm now working on a few of the projects in this book (don't worry, I can count - the numbers below are the project numbers in the book:
1. Garter Stitch scarf. I decided to make this in stocking stitch because I have a few garter scarves and wanted to try something else, plus I love the way scarves curl when you use Stocking stitch.
7. Fitted Hat with Roll Back Brim. I decided to change the roll back brim slighly and have also done this on circular needles so I didn't have to join it at the back. I wouldn't recommend this for beginners but if you do decide to give a try, these are the links I found most useful:
11. Knit Your First Sweater. I'm having fun with this so far and hope to improve my increasing and decreasing skills, as well as having a lovely warm jumper for winter!

Pencil Skirt
I started with a straight skirt block and used it to draft my own pencil skirt with a yoke and an invisible zip that runs through the yoke. I'm currently making this up in a black stretch denim (left over from another skirt, so this is my toille) and some grey stretch suiting. I also have a grey 100% wool remnant that I'm planning to make this up in - with silk lining! Pictures to come soon -- I promise!

Moving back home
Amongst the above I'm moving back home after 3 months of house sitting. It's been fun but I'm looking forward to being home again. No more carting crafting projects back and forth - yay! Where I was living was without internet, so I have discovered that I have a lot more time available to me when I don't spend hours
wasting time on surfing the web. Farmville on Facebook, I'm looking straight at you! I'm planning on using this new found time to exercise more and work on the above projects and some others I have planned. Let's see! I'm back after the 17th but out of town the next weekends but after that, I'll be sewing up a storm!

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