Monday, July 19, 2010

Self drafted pencil skirt - denim toile

The pencil skirts that I'm working on and they are all coming along nicely. I finally have some photos to share and some more info about them. I'm not a huge skirt wearer but I love this skirt! I started out with a straight skirt for when I was first learning to sew (after learning the basics and making some samples, this is the first project everyone does in the classes I take).

I explained the design idea that I had to my teacher and she helped me create a skirt block from my straight skirt pattern with a back vent and then I created a draft (I think that's what it's called?) which I added some design lines to. I altered the skirt to a pencil shape (not too narrow at the knees - I need to be able to walk!) and also added a wide yoke to the top. I also changed it from a lapped zip to an invisible zip (I love these!) Sorry for the un-pressed photos - it came straight out of my sewing bag!

Close up of the invisible zip and black poplin facing (not the best fabric choice but ok for a wearable toile)

Instead of using a standard hook and eye, I have created a little loop for the hook. I'm not sure what this is called but hopefully you see if in this picture.

The unfinished vent. not much to see here but I'm still deciding between a split (currently ironed line that) or a vent. Decisions, decisions ...

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