Monday, July 19, 2010

Chunky knit scart

I found this pattern in the Lincraft catalog awhile ago, so I purchased the 9 x 50g balls of Prism yarn by Lincraft (in case I wanted it longer) and some 25mm knitting needles (they are huge!) and started knitting.

I finished this in only a few short hours and whilst I loved the look of the scarf:

  1. 9 balls of this yarn makes a really long scarf. Even wrapped around my neck it was almost hitting the ground.

  2. This yarn sheds so much that I couldn't wear it with anything dark because the lint was awful!

Because I loved the style of the scarf but not the wool, I gave it another go but in Cheakheaton Country Wide in 0010. I bought only 6 balls after the first scarf but found that this had less stretch that the Lincraft wool and so had to go back and buy 3 more balls. The length of the scarf is great but it's just too thick. I think maybe this yarn just needs 10 stitches wide. I'm undecided if I should unravel the whole thing (not my idea of fun) or call it quits on this pattern. Has anyone else tried it and had any success?

Despite my unhappiness with the end result, my sewing assistant seems very happy with the outcome!

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