Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Playing catchup

So the last week and a half feel like I haven't progressed on my Lady Grey because I've been sick with tonsillitis - not fun. I'm on the mend now but still have some catching up to do. I would say my muslin is maybe 40% complete (no sleeves or collar on there yet) but I should hopefully get it finished this weekend.

For those playing along at home, there are some more posts on Gertie's site so instead of adding them here I'm going to create a Page with the links and just keep updating them there. I will also include the dates that she posted about how we will progress each week.

On my to do list:
* Get tailoring supplies. I've decided to go for the tailored option as this is a good chance to learn some new skills but I need to head to RJs with my supply list (not sure yet how much I need)
* Finish Muslin. I ended up slashing my main pieces using the notches in the back pieces as a guide, which I will blog about when I get the chance. I measured my back length and my teacher says my length is about 6cms longer than the "pattern average" so I added 8cms to give me some room to move (it's easier to remove than add) and also drop the waist because I'm short-waisted, proportionally to my legs. I might need to lengthen the sleeves too but I'll wait on doing that.
* Pre-treat fabric. As I discussed here I've decided to make my coat with the Cavalier Garbardine from Spotlight and I also bought some satin fabric which is white with black polka dots - just what I was after!

On a more general sewing note, I've been thinking a whole lot more about what's missing from my wardrobe and will blog about that soon. My mind is spinning with different thoughts at the moment!

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