Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lady Grey is in the building!

So, come Monday night I was pretty tired - so much so that I couldn't be bothered to even go out the front to get the mail. I convinced myself to go out and grab them and was greeted by a package with the all knowing "Clothing patterns" listed on the customs form. I was barely inside before I tore open the package to find my awesome Lady Grey pattern (along with Nutmeg and Cinnamon!). I think I jumped for joy when I saw them!

The packaging is totally cool! It's a little booklet with a pocket in the back with the pattern sheets. The book is even stitched into the envelope. Like I said, totally cool!

Note: my pattern tracing paper is from RJ Harvey in the Nicholas Building on Swanston St (Melbourne). It is a nice weight but I found it a bit tricky to trace the Colette pattern because the ink is not really dark.

So I finally got some time to trace off the pattern pieces (all 14 of them) tonight. 2 hours later and they are finally all traced! I will probably cut them out tomorrow and then sew them up on the weekend.

I've been reading all of Gertie's posts so far (links below if you need to catch up) and have also been reading all the questions and comments on each post. I've decided to go with the tailored option so will need to go and get some supplies from RJ Harvey.

Links from Gertie's blog (so I don't need to keep hunting for them and so you can catch up):
* Colette Patterns Lady Grey Sew-Along announced!
* 20% off the Lady Grey pattern
* Join the sew-along - get your own badge!
* Meet the Lady Grey designer
* Fabric selection help
- I'm planning on using Cavalier Gabardine in black from Spotlight. Whilst my dream Lady Grey would be in a teal or turquoise colour (inspired by Tasia - this was the post that took me from Lady Who? to Lady ooooohhhhhhh! I have been coveting this pattern since then) I've decided to start with a basic black
* Gather your muslin materials
- I have a roll of calico that I can use for this, so I think I'm all set.
* Cutting vs tracing
- I traced, see above.
* Sew-along materials list
- I need quite a bit on this list. RJs, here I come!
* Making the muslin!
- I need to decide if I need to lengthen the coat before or after the first muslin. But there are no shorten / lengthen line. Yikes! Off to ask Gertie!

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