Thursday, June 25, 2015

Building a complete me-made wardrobe: Corporate wardrobe based on a men's wardrobe (Part 2)

 See my set for the interchangeable or minimum wardrobe on Polyvore
I reviewed two different posts regarding establishing a wardrobe for men on the Art of Manliness site. I was interested in the Interchangeable Wardrobe and How to Build a Manly Wardrobe, and then how these might translate into an equivalent wardrobe for women. I like the simplicity and versatility of the interchangeable wardrobe and then I can see how the second list is an 'end-goal' for a wardrobe that would be built up over many years. The mapping of the men to women's wardrobes are shown below.

Interchangeable Wardrobes

A Complete Wardrobe for a Constant Professional

Comparing the two lists

I thought it would be interesting to see how these two compared, since the interchangeable is a great entry point and stepping stone to a more fleshed out wardrobe. Due to the size of this image, it is best viewed by clicking on it to see it full-scale!

Pros and things I learnt

  • Good basics for a corporate wardrobe.
  • Highlights essentials in a men’s corporate wardrobe that can be transferred to a women’s wardrobe. I have a clearer view of the fabrics I should be selecting for my suits, trousers and shirts required to have a well co-ordinated and chic corporate wardrobe.

Challenges or Gaps?

  • No dresses or skirts.
  • Minimum casual and weekend wear.
  • Potentially lacking in colour, flair or personality?
  • Fewer combinations, due to the way females combine and layer clothing?
  • Undergarments missing (e.g. bras, layering camisoles and singlets).
  • After I put this list together, I came across The Daily Connoisseur and her focus on a 10 core item wardrobe. I have watched a few of her YouTube videos (1, 2, 3) and one of her wardrobes was around 14 items but this isn't everything in her wardrobe. I think that this is important, because the 'extras' that she mentions really allow a person to extend the rotation of the core 14 items and really flesh out the wardrobe. These include things like basic tees,
    sweaters & cardigans, outerwear (trench coats, blazer, jackets), special occasion wear, accessories (scarves, bags, shoes, sunglasses) undergarments, shoes and so on, which for my purposes are part of the wardrobe but I can see the benefits of the extras being fairly constant and the 10-14 items being rotated seasonally. I also love her focus on quality items that will last a long time and also how to care for your garments. Her concept is certainly food for thought and only adds more valuable information in my quest to build my wardrobe! I am still reading more about this one and will be sure to do a summary post (that will now be part 6!)


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