Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Good-bye 2014, Hello 2015!!

I've really loved reading everyone's wrap up of 2014. The New Year is always a nice time to stop, reflect and to think about what next.

My year was quite eventful with a job change and studying part time but I still managed to churn out a bit. I'm quite a slow sewer, which I'm totally ok with, so I was happy to produce about 10 tops, mostly for work with a couple of silk and lace ones for more special occasions. None of these are blogged but I will hopefully get these photographed so that I can blog them.

As for my 'resolutions' there are a few key sewing related goals that I have. I have other non-sewing goals, but I'll keep that from this blog :)

>>> Goal 1 <<<

First, I have sighed up for the Goodbye Valentino RTW Fast for 2015. I seriously considered doing this last year but ended up not doing it, so this year, I'm in! I know that sale time is when I will find this the most difficult. I still need to work out what I consider ok to buy, since I can't sew everything. So far, I'm thinking undergarments and workout gear is a possibility but since this is on my 'learn to sew' list, why not start this year! I just need to find some decent fabric suitable to exercise wear.

>>> Goal 2 <<<

Limit fabric purchases. This will definitely be harder than no RTW but I'm still keen to make a dent in my stash, so this one stays. If I need to make something to keep my RTW Fast Pledge, then I will purchase fabrics. I may also give myself a small allowance so that I don't have to go cold turkey.

>>> Goal 3 <<<

Build a capsule complete wardrobe. This one is something that I have been thinking a lot about and will put all my thoughts together in a post but the key thing for me is building a wardrobe that will work for me. By that, I don't mean a wardrobe that fits some definition of the perfect capsule wardrobe but instead one that works for me. I have looked at quite a few capsule recommendations and I feel like none of them will work for me but are a great jumping off point. There is definitely more to come on this one and it will drive what I sew in 2015.

>>> Goal 4 <<<

Focus on building my sewing skills. This is something that requires a list!


  1. Good luck! (I'm in too for the first time). Love your Goal 3 especially x