Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good-bye 2012, Hello 2013!

There's nothing like a firework filled skyline to bring in the new year!

I've been reading my favourite blog summaries of 2012 and plans for 2013 and everyone is so inspiring. I don't really have a lot to recap for 2012, since my blog is still in it's infancy however the most exciting sewing event was my return to weekly sewing classes. It's been a great way to get back into more consistent sewing,  improving my pattern drafting and altering skills, sewing skills and having loads of fun on a Saturday morning with the sewing gals!

I also entered the Tessuti Awards for the first time. Whilst I didn't win, I really enjoyed challenging myself to sew to a theme and to extend my sewing, pattern drafting and pattern draping skills. The stripe matching took quite a bit of time, patience and hand-sewing but it was 100% worth it! If anyone is interesting a reading about the process, let me know and I'll do a blog post about it.

Close up shots of my Tessuti Awards 2012 entry. For more photos, see my entry page.

The next highlight is getting a blog up and running. I've spent a lot of time playing around with the look and feel of the blog and bringing any valuable posts over from my old and quiet blog! Since I still feel like I'm only just kicking off my new blog, I'm calling today my official blog starting day for anniversary purposes. Woo!

So onto planning for 2013

  • I feel like my blog is a big part of my plans for 2013. I would like to blog at least once every week but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't!
  • One of the key reasons why I started sewing, was to be able to get great fitting clothes which is difficult with RTW due to my height. So focusing on fit is an important part of my year. I'm not one to turn out a garment a week (hats off to those who can do that!), so I'm not going to pressure myself to churn out garments when it's just not feasible for me.
  • I've toyed with the idea of doing a SWAP over at Artisan Square and the rules this year look achievable. I've been doing a lot of planning, selecting patterns and pre-treating of fabrics.
  • Get more involved in the blogging community. I'm an avid reader of quite a few blogs but I tend to keep quiet and rarely post comments. This is something I want to change! I just need to work out the most efficient way to do this, particularly using my commute. I normally read blogs on my RSS reader but never really got the hang of commenting at the same time. So that is something I want to change!
  • Make some of the things I've pinned. I love pinterest and am addicted to pinning all manner of pictures but I rarely make the time to go back and make up some of the items.

So here's to an awesome 2013!


  1. That dress is gorgeous and your stripe matching is perfect! I'm crap at commenting too - I never read blogs on a computer, only on my phone, which makes me lazy when it comes to commenting. I'm working on that this year too.

    Can't wait to see some more of your makes!

    1. Thanks - I love matched stripes! It takes a lot of work but it's worth it I think.

      Definitely need to get some photos taken and get them posted up here. I'm working on that now!

  2. I love your stripey dress - I think it does deserve a post of its own; your stripe matching looks immaculate!

    I mostly read blogs on a reader on my phone and it's sooo hard to comment that way. I end up starring loads of posts, intending to go back later to comment, but it just doesn't always happen...

  3. Thanks ... I think I will do a blog post about the stripes dress, since I learnt a lot about pattern drafting and then tricks to get the lines all matched up!

    I read blogs on a reader too. I have hundreds starred that I just never get back to, so I completely understand :)