Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 recap and 2011 goals

I can't believe it's day 2 of 2011 - where did 2010 go? I feel like it went really fast and was a so-so year for me. So I was ready to bring on 2011!

From a sewing goals perspective, I don't think I did that well in 2010. I did sew more but no where near what I wanted. I started lots of sew-alongs and finished ... none. Terrible, I know!

So that brings me to 2011 ... I'm calling it the year of finishing things, since I've identified that I start lots of things but finish very few. I think my list of UFOs doesn't quite capture all of my UFOs (I have sewing, scrapbooking and knitting UFOs!) so I will be working to update that list to give myself a good target.

I've also decided to try to keep posts sewing related with the occasional non-sewing but craft related post thrown in for good measure. I'm also planning to blog at least once a week - I know, considering my last year that will be tough but I'm up for the challenge!!

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